Network Statistics (Beta)

These graphs are compiled every day based on the last block of the day.

Account Growth

There are currently 93,704 accounts registered.

Holder Concentration

This graph shows the count of accounts that have a total CCD balance larger than 1M CCD.

This graph shows the amount of CCD an account would need to have to be in the top 100 or top 250 of accounts.

CCD on exchanges

The following graph depicts how many CCD were at exchange accounts through time, overlayed with events, such as listing event and scheduled CCD releases.

For this analysis, we have taken the following addresses as Exchange addresses: Bitfinex, Bitglobal, MEXC, AscendEX, KuCoin (canonical deposit address), KuCoin (cold storage address) and Coinex. We have assumed that all exchanges make use of the alias system, hence, there is one canonical account for each exchange (and possibly a cold storage address). Volume data from CoinGecko.

Network Activity

We estimate Network Activity as the daily sum of change in total balances in absolute value (locked + unlocked) for all accounts, adjusted for token inflation.

Example: take a network with two accounts, a and b, where account b is the only baker/finalizer. Now suppose a sends 100 CCD to b and b receives rewards of 10 CCD. Network activity for this day would be shown as [ abs(-100) + abs(100 + 10) - (10) ] / 2, which equals to 100 ( = the transferred amount).

Transaction costs - Fee stabilization

"Transactions costs are designed to be stable in EUR terms, thereby enabling businesses and other users to predict and plan the costs of blockchain transactions."

On the chain this is expressed in micro CCD per EUR. Below we graph the cost of a regular transfer (with an energy cost of 501) over time in CCD.


There are currently 189 bakers registered.

Note that with Sirius Protocol, the max APY for a baker includes a markup of 20%, due to the possibility that a baker can open a pool with 200% its own baker stake, earning up to 20% additional baking rewards.

Staking (from Sirius Protocol)